Fans will already know that young Nick Deniels has never, ever been the kind of guy who can resist a handsome face – or a beefy, hard cock for that matter! – and so it proves once again when cropped-haired stud, Garry Flicker, makes an advance on the fellow. Of course, let’s not be too naive, it’s the smell of cash that ultimately fuels his lust for dick, but you can’t help but sense that this is one lad who would perform for nothing given the way he proceeds to feast on Flicker’s butt-picker in this encounter. Flicker, for his part, is every inch the sort of straight-acting geezer that will appeal to a whole legion of devotees, with his neatly trimmed pubes and a small tattoo on his neck; though the manner with which the fellow returns Deniels’ favour seems to suggest that he’s perhaps not as much a fan of pussy as he’d have you believe. Nevertheless, it’s young Deniels who’s ultimately expected to surrender his pucker – a situation that becomes all the more perilous with the unexpected entry of Rick Carter into the equation. Suffice it to say that the lad is soon being frantically spit-roasted by both guys, with both Flicker and Carter taking it in turns to screw his magnificent love-hole. In the end it’s Flicker who fires first – all over Deniels’ face – before Carter blasts an equally feverish load across the pup’s crotch.