Rogan Crow might look sweet and innocent in a nervous sort of way, playing with himself all alone with only a wank-rag for company, but the arrival of Damian Dickey and Jake Bailey on their motorbike is more than enough to encourage the exhibitionist-streak in this young man. Indeed, despite all his apparent coyness, this is one young man who knows exactly what to do with hard cock when he sees it, engaging in the antics of his two more experienced counterparts like a veritable pro. Bailey, for his part, is equally askful when it comes to getting what he wants – parting his legs so that Dickey can thrust his unsheathed shaft deep inside, before promptly mounting Crow’s gorgeous butt-picker. No surprise then that the youngster should erupt shortly afterwards, whilst being skewered from both ends; although it’s Dickey’s cum-shot that ultimately gets our vote. A magnificent volley over Bailey’s face that emphasises every inch of uncut skin in the process. In short, a definite must-see.