Unquestionably, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, though given the quality of the four scenes preceding it we seriously wonder whether you’ll still be in a fit state to fully appreciate this stunning, nad-draining orgy. Something tells us, however, that you’ll eke out the strength from somewhere – after all, any scene that contains the likes of Johan Volny, Thomas Dyk and Kamil Fox is unlikely to run the risk of falling from the radar. And so it proves, as director, Vlado Iresch, pulls out all the stops to ensure that this is one group scene you won’t forget in a hurry. Young Philippe Delvaux serves as the lynchpin to the action; though the presence of Martin Corvin, who at one point takes a particular liking for Thomas Dyk’s thick shaft (and who can blame him?), does provide the Belgian with a sense of competition. If anything, however, that merely adds to the sexual tension, which finally culminates in Dalvaux taking load after magnificent load of premiere Czech spunk. One can only imagine how long it took to clean up the resultant mess afterwards – but we know for a fact that (after seeing this scene) you’ll agree with us that it was totally worth it!