Who the fuck could ever resist the opportunity of joining Alex Granger and Julien Heath in the shower to help make a sordid, ball-aching threesome? Not Turk Mason, that’s for sure – a fucking lucky bastard whose current investigations actually demand such engagement! The result is most definitely one of the scenes of the year, as three of the sexiest twinks ever to grace this planet lick and slurp their way to a sticky, sexual frenzy. Heath, as we all already know, is a dirty-minded whore, who sets the screen alight whenever he appears – a lad who simply cannot wait to get his arse stretched each and every time he shows on camera. But having played to the boy’s whim, courtesy of Mason’s eager, upturned shaft, director Vlado Iresch ensures that the highlight of the feature is Mason himself getting pummelled by Granger’s knob-end. The sight of the young American bouncing up and down on Granger’s lap is a definite must-see; as is that of Mason ultimately unburdening his balls over the Czech lads’ faces!