There’s a name for people who secretly watch other folk taking their ablutions, but given that in this instance it’s the gorgeous Alex Grander playing the part of ”Peeping Tom” we’ll overlook such negativity. Indeed, there’s something undeniably hot about the fellow stripping out of his leather trousers and jerking his big, fat cock whilst young Peter Till takes a shower, blissfully unaware of his admirer. That particular situation doesn’t last for long, however. Grander’s never been the sort of guy who can resist the sight of fresh flesh, and it comes as no surprise when he makes his move. After all, by this point he’s literally gagging to give Till’s generous rod a real hard ride – a wish that (as it turns out) Till is only too happy to fulfil. The stage is set, therefore, for a sweaty, ball-banging session between this fabulous pairing, that only comes to a conclusion when Till can take no more and proceeds to dump a fine wad of cream over Grander’s face. Pride of place goes to Grander himself, however, who shoots a wad over Till’s face with such ferocity that it very nearly blinds the boy!