Having already provided us with an eight-man pile-up earlier in the flick, it might almost be tempting to assume that this final scene – a four-guy fuck-fest in the back of a white van – will be nothing more than a disappointment in comparison. Such an assumption, however, would be to ignore the indisputable talents of Vlado Iresch, whose decision to include superstar Kamil Fox is almost in itself a guarantee that this is one scene that you really shouldn’t miss. And so it proves, with Timothy Nixon and Jesse Shaw teaming up with Eric Harper from the previous vignette to provide the sort of blistering, spunk-fuelled finale that this superb addition to the STAXUS range deserves. Of course, quite what any of this actually has to do with the game of tennis is truly anyone’s guess. Then again, who the fuck’s watching it for the tennis?!! In short, another superb sports-inspired set-piece that’ll have you wanking time and time again.