Believe us when we tell you that this gang isn’t to be crossed or messed with – why, they can seriously fuck with you! As young Julien Adagio discovers when he finds himself on the wrong side of their tribal code, strapped to a chair and asked to suck the beefy, uncut cocks of Tonny Ross and Nikolas Cox. Mind, whether any of you out there would actually describe being asked to take either of these oversized ramrods in your mouth as “punishment” is open to question. Ross’ knob-end is particularly appealing, and it’s little wonder that Adagio soon finds himself sporting quite a hard-on of his own! A fact that doesn’t go unnoticed by his two assailants, who promptly begin to beat his meat with extra gusto and ask him to the verge of a very rich, creamy climax. No question about it, this is abuse par excellence; and it’s no fuckin’ wonder that it leaves Ross and Cox as horny as hell. Cue a stunning, condom-free session that sees tattooed Ross taking every inch of his crew-mate’s rammer, resulting in a truly unforgettable seven-spurt crescendo on the part of this hunky power-bottom!