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Youthful protégé HD

2.5/5 (Total votes: 4)


Jamie Smythe, Phlash

Added: 23/April/2012
Duration: 25 minutes, 15 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s nigh on half a century dividing these two dudes – 43 years to be precise – which surely has to be something of a record. Indeed, by the time Phlash (an unusual name for a guy in his mid-60s) and Jamie Smythe are instructed by the director to get on with things in the first ten seconds of the scene you’ll already have decided whether this fetish-extreme is for you.

Indeed, if seeing a dark-haired fresh-faced beauty getting his ass violated by old cock then you really will have struck porn gold here. As will those who enjoy watching old granddads having their old, winkled arses pounded by mere youths, given that the two generations flip-flop their attentions throughout the scene.

It’s all concluded by a side-to-side wank-off that literally pitches man against boy – and which if anything Phlash could be argued to come off best (excuse the pun). In short, a distinctly niche escapade that’ll have granddad lovers tugging away like fury!

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