Like a crazed animal, Ryan Quaid continues in his brutal quest for blood – despatching Falco White and Alex Grander with the sort of conscientious-free brevity usually associated with pest-controllers! Meantime, Marc Roche – who like everyone else in horror-land, has a poor victim tied up in his cellar – returns to his lair to be “entertained” by Sam Kirk. Needless to say, Roche isn’t particularly concerned with the needs of his prey, as he obliges Kirk to suck his (admittedly rather delicious) knob-end, before thrusting the said raw shaft deep into Kirk’s hungry slit! It’s rough, it’s unrefined – but we defy anyone not to get off on the sight of these two horny bastards! That said, it’s the final few moments of the scene, with Roche insisting that he spews his ball-juice all over his partner’s face, that take the ultimate accolade; and it’s little wonder that Kirk is unable (or perhaps indisposed) to restrain his own primal urges, as he dumps a fine spray of cum all over his smooth, young belly!