He’s one hell of a fuckin’ cute blond German fuck-baby, so is it any great wonder that Czech-boy Rudy Valentino can’t wait to relieve Phil Raven of his jockstrap? A mission that the STAXUS exclusive star achieves in pretty much next to no time, it has to be noted.

Then again we’d expect nothing less of the sex-god that is Valentino, who quite literally lives and breathes for the next pert ass to head his way. Indeed, having taken the time to exchange a heady fray of cock-sucking and wanton 69-ing, the young Czech is soon pushing Raven down onto the kitchen table and thrusting the entire weight of his slim, athletic frame against Raven’s hungry ass – which, it must be noted, opens up with almost exquisite eagerness.

Indeed, Raven is soon proving himself to be an insatiable host for hard cock, riding Valentino cowboy-style before eventually dumping what appears to be the entire contents of his nads all over the place whilst his buddy continues to slam from beneath. Not that it’s very long before Valentino explodes with similar gusto, rupturing his nuts into a condom and then casually dripping the spent cum from the rubber into Raven’s mouth. Kinky – but hot!