He’s a real cute blond bombshell, there’s no mistake. What’s more, young rookie star, Justin Conway, has a distinct penchant for footwear – the sweatier the better, no doubt! After all, what other explanation can there be for him using a pair of boots to rub his cock into a state of rampant stiffness ...? Any suggestion that that’s going to be the end of matters is promptly dispelled by the arrival of Tristan Balboa onto the scene – a cock-hungry brunette who just can’t wait to get his luscious lips around Conway’s raging hard-on.

His appetite for dick isn’t limited to his mouth, mind. Before long Balboa is getting fucked up the rear by that same meaty ramrod; culminating in him taking a cowboy-style ride that’ll leave you in a state of near-crazed ecstasy. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, however, in steps Rudy Bodlak to complete this crotch-splitting threesome – Balboa taking even more hard dick for your entertainment before finally spewing his wad over Conway’s pretty young face.

Unperturbed, Balboa blissfully rounds proceedings off by getting splattered on the chin by both his mates – the thick goo dripping from his face just the way you like it!