Some stars are familiar faces on-screen but never seem to get the acclaim or attention that they arguably deserve – of which Andrew Shut is surely a perfect example. With his good looks, blond hair an almost unforgiving appetite for cock you’d be rightly forgiven for assuming that this boy would gain mega-star status. Shut’s failing – if that’s the right word – is that he was at the height of his sexual powers in a market that was often dominated by the likes of Johan Volny, Cameron Jackson and Alex Stevens, all of whom appeared in this movie. Fortunately, on this occasion at least, director Vlado Iresch decided to highlight the lad’s potential by partnering him up with two lesser known, but very able fuck-buddies in the shape of Mario Raffanelly and Tasmo Diablo. For Diablo, this would be the only porn scene that he would ever make. Raffanelly, in contrast, was a well-featured stud, who worked for a variety of studios; and who at the start of this scene serves as the mainstay of the action, with Shut and Diablo slurping on his oversized shaft like a couple of cheap tarts. But the real star of the performance is undoubtedly Shut, who gets spit-roasted by his two horned-up mates, and who clearly loves every single fucking minute of it! What’s more, as if to underline his sluttish credentials, he then proceeds to take a full-on mouthful of jizz from his co-stars, which froths and bubbles on his lips. How his mother must have burst with pride knowing that she raised such a total whore!