It’s a world-first for STAXUS as Ray Mannix heads for his local drive-through McDonalds, having picked up his buddy, Roman Smid, from the nearby bus-stop. It marks an unusual, but curiously fascinating, start to what eventually proves to be a fantastic pairing; although the hardcore action doesn’t actually start until Mannix finally finds a quiet cul-de-sac, whereupon Smid whips out his cock from the confines of his sexy pants. It’s a move that’s only ever destined to have one effect on a lad like Mannix, who immediately dives down into his buddy’s lap so that he can slurp down every inch of meat on offer.

But the really uninhibited performance doesn’t begin until both boys are safely back home; with Smid clearly only too eager to first rim and then finger his pal’s ass. Not that a lad like Mannix ever needs too much stimulation prior to a good fucking; and within a few moments he’s laid out on the sofa with his legs akimbo so that Smid can do the business. And do the business he does, pounding into that hungry little hole like a being possessed; before the horny little bottom decides that the whole experience can be improved still further by him sitting down on Smid’s dick so that he can sink every beautiful fucking inch deep into his guts!

No question about it, Mannix quite literally rides that fucker for all he’s worth, and it comes as no surprise at all – excuse the pun! – when he squirts out a fine wad of goo as a result. Clearly hyped to the max, the boy then finally underlines his sluttish credentials by jerking and smearing Smid’s wad all over his face!