With three of the hottest stars of the mid-2000s, this is one of those scenes that was pretty much destined to be a classic right from the very moment it first aired – and the passage of a decade has done little to tame its impact. Indeed, this tried and tested spunk-drainer remains a set-piece example of how to make a top-notch porn scene: a somewhat dreamy introduction, a trio of gorgeous models and the almost obligatory tidal-wave of hot jizz to conclude proceedings. If that sounds like your kind of entertainment – and let’s face it, you probably wouldn’t be reading this if it wasn’t! – then sit back and relax as three STAXUS legends prove once again why they deserve that status.

Of course, anyone who has any idea of what these boys were like in their prime will realise from the off that there’s only ever going to be one bottom here, and needless to say young, doe-eyed Alex Stevens doesn’t disappoint. But in terms of sheer performance alone the prize has to go to Cameron Jackson, who once again puts on the kind of show that pretty much any other star would die for.

From the initial sequence on the bus, where he’s laid unconscious whilst his cock gets a deserved airing, right through to the main act on the sofa where he teams up with Johny Hunter to pummel Stevens’s ever-hungry ass, this is a guy who quite literally has the rest of the universe revolving around him! A point that’s underlined by the fact that he actually manages two cum-shots for the price of one; whilst taking a flood of jizz from his buddies. No question at all, this is a classic in every sense!