With a stellar cast and the beauty of Crete as a backdrop, director Vlado Iresch was never, ever going to go wrong with this Mediterranean foray; kicking off with a truly stupendous seashore set-piece featuring Martin Filip and STAXUS legend, Johan Volny. Few gay porn stars have ever enjoyed the adulation and notoriety that Volny had here in his prime; and this escapade simply underlines every reason for such an achievement. Good-looking – not least of all when donning a pair of speedos! – and with a libido that could easily have fuelled the electric grid, Volny was a veritable sex-god in every sense. A fact that clearly didn’t escape Filip, who climbs up the rocks at the start of the scene to enjoy his full-on encounter with one of the industry’s greats.

Suffice it to say that the lad doesn’t hold back from immediately diving into Volny’s crotch, savouring every inch of the hard cock that had made its owner such top-drawer material. What’s more, it’s no time at all before Filip has parted his butt-cheeks to accommodate the monster, signalling the start of a truly classic outdoor coupling that is just as hot today as it was when first filmed a decade ago.

Indeed, we defy any one of our fans not to be truly enthralled by what ensues; culminating in Filip riding his new-found buddy’s cock cowboy style, and erupting like a volcano as a result. That leaves Volny the inimitable pleasure of rupturing his hot seed into Filip’s open mouth – all captured in close-up detail, and in the process setting the scene for one of the true STAXUS highpoints. In short, a veritable ball-buster!