It’s a tale of contrasts here, as two young students – Kevin Klein and Martin North – display their differing attitudes to their cerebral lifestyle. North is very conscientiously busying himself in his studies of Chemistry, hoping, no doubt, to secure top marks in some forthcoming exam. Conversely, blond boy Klein is taking full advantage of his free time to concentrate on the things that really matter in life to a young man – namely porn! Lusting over a photo of the great Cameron Jackson, he’s soon rubbing his crotch against his bed and no doubt dreaming about what he’d like to do with our legendary hero given half the chance - like gay boys the world over!

Sadly, Mr. Jackson wasn’t available for the shooting of this classic title; but the good news is that North’s conscientious habits are soon firmly pushed to one side, as he promptly abandons his studies in favour of lying on his roommate’s back and gyrating his hips provocatively on Klein’s comely little arse. It’s a move that very quickly gains the desired results, with Klein making a beeline for North’s already swollen cock; before the roles are reversed and North has a good old-fashioned feast on Klein’s rampant pole in return.

But matters step up a notch significantly when the two lads are finally positioned top-and-tail, both taking full opportunity to feast on each other’s most intimate quarters to the max. Cue a fantastic ball-licking, arse-rimming frenzy; which soon culminates in North rupturing his cum-sac all over Klein’s face, before Klein yanks out North’s load in return for a sticky, satisfying finale!