It’s the stereotypical nightmare for any gay man – being in love with a friend who is obviously straight and who doesn’t appreciate for one moment just how much enjoyment cock can provide! For young Dylan Freeman the agony is made all the more intense by the fact that he’s in the same class as Dominic Trojan, who appears totally oblivious to the daily torture that unattainable love can heap upon a boy. And yet, just when Freeman has almost given up hope, along comes an opportunity that he thought would never arrive; with the chance to observe Trojan when he’s fast asleep and at his most vulnerable.

Needless to say, the horned-up buddy quickly decides to grab his chance, reaching under the duvet to see what his hero is wearing in bed. What he discovers is a skimpy pair of boxers that do nothing to prevent Freeman from reaching for Trojan’s handsome, uncut shaft – and before you know it the fellow is slurping away like a backstreet whore. It’s a daring move, and one that quickly gains its desired effect; with Trojan coming to consciousness and responding to his roommate’s advances with an equally lusty adoration of Freeman’s own cock.

Cue a truly tremendous fuck-fest, that sees Trojan take total control of the situation by thrusting his ramrod deep into his mate’s hungry little hole. That’s exactly the kind of move that Freeman wanted from the off, of course; and it’s no surprise that the fellow acts the slut from beginning to end, culminating in him spewing his wad mid-fuck, before taking Trojan’s pent-up load all over his pretty face!