It pretty much goes without saying that anything that involves the giant dick of Mark Zebro and a total cock-slut like Alex Stevens is going to be a classic from the off. Add in a floppy-haired blond trollop like Dominik Day, set the action in a classroom, and you’re pretty much guaranteed an almost febrile response – a fact that legendary director, Vlado Iresch, clearly realised when he threw these three buddies together. Indeed, there’s not one of this trio that fails to deliver as they immediately make a beeline for each other’s swollen shafts; with the ever-insatiable Stevens immediately diving down onto Zebro’s infamous shlong!

Of course, you don’t need to be some kind of porn-expert to realise that it’s Stevens’s arse-hole that’s soon going to be the centrepiece of the action – and the fact that he’s soon hanging off the edge of a desk, with Zebro taking it in turns to both rim the lad’s hole with his tongue and rub it with his monster dick, underlines the point. Not that Stevens is left waiting long for the inevitable push of man-meat into his pucker – much to his clearly unbridled relief. What may then come as something of a surprise, however, is that it’s not only Stevens who has an urge for rough buggery.

Cue the sight of Day being spit-roasted by his two mates like a common whore – something that will almost certainly have you edging frantically in response. But having witnessed the two bottoms blow their wads, it’s surely seeing Zebro unplug his shaft from Day’s ass and then spewing all over Stevens’s face that serves as the indisputably sticky highlight!