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Super Big For Super Tight, Sc.1: Ray Mannix Cums Face-To-Face With A Monster Brit Black Dick! HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 59)
Added: 19/August/2016
Duration: 28 minutes, 34 seconds
Comments: 25


We all know Ray Mannix well enough by now to appreciate that if he’s presented with a monster black cock to play with then there’s only ever going to be one outcome. Whether new boy, Tony X, realises this fact, however, is anyone’s guess. Tony’s come all the way to Prague from Manchester and seems keen to show off what he regards as a special pair of pants that he’s wearing; but what he perhaps doesn’t realise at this point is that Mannix is a dab hand at getting hot beauties like him out of their underwear!

It’s a skill that the ever horned-up twink uses to perfection here, tempting Tony from his admittedly passé attire and making an immediate move on the black fellow’s handsome ramrod inside. Before the Brit boy really knows what’s happening, the young twink is down on his knees and slurping the life out of his dick – a move that Tony very clearly appreciates given the fact that he makes no attempt to pull away. Indeed, he’s so enamoured by Mannix’s skills – and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be? – that he’s soon returning the favour by rimming the Czech hoe’s arse.

It’s exactly the kind of response that a lad who quite literally exists for cock would want; and Mannix shows no reticence in then parting his legs, and allowing his British visitor to thrust every inch of his oversized weapon into his guts. A move that signals the start of a terrific round of hardcore fornication, which quite literally sees Mannix stretched to breaking point; and which soon results in the lad exploding all over his own belly, before Tony christens the slut with a terrific, chin-dripping facial!

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Wow! 5-Stars for sure. Both are top-notch!

CleverScreenNameHere, 19/August/2016

please, black guys more often and, please, sucking too......

versalin, 19/August/2016

Nice movie. Tony has obviously a tool we'd all dream of. Lucky Ray !

christian, 19/August/2016

Great stuff, more of it please. Love to see more of tony, fucking white holes.

Richard, 19/August/2016

YES. Good to see big black cock again. More please.

dong, 19/August/2016

Ray is a favourite of mine & to see him enjoy Tony is awesome. Well done Status XXXXX

Pugs, 19/August/2016

I agree with all the comments above! Tony mentioned in the interview that he has never measured his cock, I would really like to know the measurements of his third leg, his cock doesn't look as long as Devon Lebron's cock but it seems to be about the same girth or thicker =D So nice seeing some huge monster cocks back on Staxus (and especially a black one) Tony seemed very much into Ray, and Ray seem to have acquired a strong taste for BBC so it was a very nice match. Ray must have loved riding that thing, very hot seeing him pushing himself down balls deep on Tony's cock making sure to not "waste" a single inch =D The interview in the end was nice Tony seems like a sweet guy, and he did excellent especially for being a first scene. It would have been cool if Tony would have been a bit more rough and dominant with Ray, we all know that Ray can take a good manhandling but the scene is perfect as is. More of Tony please in the future, I want to see his monster cock going inside more tight twink holes =)

biggerthebetter, 19/August/2016

...what an ugly unattractive yellow perforated underwear Tony is wearing. A total turn off. I´m not really much into mixed gaysex, but Ray is a cutie, as always!

Chris, 19/August/2016

Très friand de clips interraciaux, il va sans dire que j'ai immensément apprécié cette superbe vidéo excellemment réalisée. Tony est magnifique, il a beaucoup de charme et un charisme certain en plus d'être très bien outillé entre les jambes. Il s'est d'ailleurs brillamment servi des ses attributs au point de réussir à satisfaire l'insatiable petit ange de RAY et, ce n'est pas chose aisée que d'y parvenir. Je pars ce samedi effectuer mon second voyage de l'année qui va m'emmener pendant trois semaines aux Etats-Unis. Nul doute qu'à mon retour le 11 septembre prochain, mon site préféré aura encore publié quelques oeuvres d'art dont je me délecterai goulûment. Félicitations à toute l'équipe.

Pascaloux, 19/August/2016

Great video. Ray is beautiful as always. Tony's introduction to Staxus is a fantastic success. He is a gorgeous young black guy, with a perfect body and big cock, a wonderful face, so handsome. On top of that he's a really sexy performer. He is one of the best at rimming. Very horny seeing his tongue working over Ray's beautiful hole. That got me so hot! I wanted to bury my face in Tony's beautiful ass. Oh yes! Then he fucked Ray bareback, driving his fat cock inside really deep. Yummy video! Can I give it 10 stars?

Ryan, 20/August/2016

loved the rimming and hole display, more please.

Tim, 05/November/2016

More Tony X pleeeeze!

fuckworthy, 31/December/2016

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