Young Luke Bentley has a bit of a problem – one that’s probably not unfamiliar to a lot of us. Basically, he’s gone to work with a yogurt and has forgotten to take a spoon with him. Ever the resourceful one, he decides that he’s got little option but to try to drink it straight from the pot; until his workmate, Dylan Freeman, offers to finger the yogurt into his mouth. It’s an unusual proposition, of course – and, this being porn, it doesn’t end there. Before Bentley knows it, Freeman is dipping his cock into the pot and presenting his mate with a yogurt-coated shaft for him to feast on – and, rest assured, Bentley doesn’t turn his nose up at the offer.

Indeed, the horny little vixen can’t get enough of that strawberry-flavoured ramrod! So much so, in fact, that he’s eagerly feasting on every inch long after the yogurt has been put to one side. If the whole scenario is merely a cheap means by which Freeman gets his cock sucked, then needless to say it works a treat! What’s more, it’s not very long before Freeman gets the opportunity to gobble on his buddy’s pole in return; before turning his attention to Bentley’s arse, which he promptly proceeds to fill to the max with his thick, uncut schlong!

By this point, of course, any thought of finishing that yogurt has been long forgotten; as Bentley gets hammered good and proper like the dirty little bitch that he obviously is. Culminating in him spewing a delicious brew of his own all over his belly; having just enjoyed the delight of Freeman creaming his arse-hole a few moments before. Definitely a work-break worth savouring!