Young John Hill loves his job at the car hardware store – stacking the shelves clearly being one of his favourite tasks! But there’s one thing that he loves even more; and given that he’s a fellow in his late-teens you don’t really need to be Einstein to guess what. Fortunately for him, it can be a bit quiet in the shop on occasion, which provides the lad with the perfect opportunity to settle himself down in front of the computer in order to watch some porn. There is a downside to all this, however – namely that his passion for computer-sex is so intense that he can get carried away into his own little world, becoming totally unaware that he might not be alone.

Which sets the scene nicely here, when the punky blond Patrick Ewen arrives to assist Hill with his job and discovers the fellow frantically wanking away! Not surprisingly, Hill is initially very embarrassed; but it soon becomes obvious that Ewen is more than just a little bit impressed with the handsome shaft in his work colleague’s pants, as he falls down to his knees and begins to slurp on the lad’s ramrod.

Taking full advantage of his very good fortune, Hill promptly decides to return the action; before eagerly bundling his mate over the back of a chair and thrusting every inch of his dick deep inside the fellow’s hungry little arse-hole. Continuing the encounter, he then slams the horned-up bottom across a table – with such intensity that Ewen quite literally explodes mid-fuck! All of which leaves Hill with the task of sewing the action up by rupturing his nad-sac across Ewen’s pucker, for a delightfully sticky finale!