The press has always had a certain obsession with the antics of soccer players when they’re away from the pitch, so it’s perhaps not at all surprising that a lone reporter (Cameron Jackson) is busy tracking Jak Williams and Denis Taylor whilst the two stars are training together in the mountains. What the journalist might not realise at this point, of course, is just what a major scoop he’s about to uncover when Williams goes down injured. Not that that particular occurrence is of itself that momentous. Rather it’s what happens immediately afterwards – when blond-boy Taylor massages his teammate’s sore thigh better and the two young stars promptly fall into a passionate embrace.

Suffice it to say that it’s a matter of just a few moments before the two buddies are reaching for the hard contents of each other’s sweatpants; with Williams tumbling to his knees so that he can eagerly slurp on Taylor’s gorgeous ramrod. It’s a move that Taylor in turn is very quickly replicating; but the reality of the situation is that Williams really can’t wait to get that big, fat shaft inside his guts. As a consequence it’s simply no time at all before the lad has positioned himself on his co-star’s lap and is riding dick for all he’s worth.

Anyone hoping for a prolonged session of sensuous lovemaking is set to be disappointed. This is a desperate, high-octane workout that very quickly results in Williams splurging all over his own belly; before Taylor whips his knob out of his mate’s well-worked arse so that he can consummate the union by rupturing his aching balls across his mate’s cute face!