Having first both appeared in BAREBACK RENT BOYS, Bruckmann and Drew return for the sort of massage session that’s almost a prerequisite part of gay porn these days, in which the only muscles that ever appear to gain any significant attention are the ones that the guys have aching away in their crotches. Not that you lot are ever gonna complain about something like that, of course, particularly when the action is engaged upon so enthusiastically by the likes of these two blond wonders. If you like your men to be on the solid side then skip to the next scene; but, as was the case in their previous performances, if skimpy-thin but mega-hung twinks are your thing then you won’t go far wrong here at all. All that said, the sight of Drew’s ramrod stretching Bruckmann’s pucker to its raw limits is captured beautifully. Indeed, we defy anyone not to feel the swell of admiration at this sordid little spunk-fest.