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Butt stretched to the max

3.8/5 (Total votes: 4)


Justin Kingsley, Dylan North

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 18 minutes, 45 seconds
Comments: 25


The first thing that has to be said here is that what this scene portrays is something that, professionally, is totally unethical. That said, it’s also incredibly hot! After all, who hasn’t fantasized about taking advantage of someone they fancy when that said individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs? This scene, of course, takes the whole premise a whole step further, as Kamil Fox uses an anesthetized patient (Justin Kingsley) – first rubbing his cock over the lad’s cute face, then thrusting his hard shaft up the fellow’s tight (but impressively keen) young butt! Of course, the fact that the whole event is being secretly watched by “Peeping Tom”, Dylan North, only adds to the intensity of what we’re seeing; with North only revealing his own interest in Kingsley once Fox is out of the way. Cue a cascade of hot piss all over the youngster from North’s uncut hose to conclude the violation. As said, utterly unethical behavior, but definitely a scene to capture the imagination!

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