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The mammoth ask of an alpha male’s cock

4.6/5 (Total votes: 5)
Added: 20/January/2012
Duration: 13 minutes, 39 seconds
Comments: 25


Luis Bigdog – as ever, masked and horny! – strikes again; this time on poor Glen Cover, who’s busy minding his own business, pegging out some clothes, when the sex fiend asks the lad to start sucking his cock. In reality, of course, such a scenario would surely never appeal; but as a piece of fantasy it’s hard not to enjoy the sight of this cropped-haired assailant face-fucking his young victim. Not that a man like Bigdog is ever gonna be satisfied with just a bit of fellatio. No, you know right from the start that this guy’s not going to be happy until he has the full length of his bare, uncut hose pulsing away deep inside the cute young bottom – a mission that he accomplishes with not uncharacteristic gusto. Before you know it, Cover’s got his legs stretched apart and is taking every inch of his assailant’s knob-end like an experienced trooper; eventually culminating in him lying down next to Bigdog’s crotch and opening his mouth so as to savour every last drop of the Alpha Male’s ball-juice. The lad, it seems, is a slut who was begging to be fucked – a fact that’s only confirmed by the way he dumps his own load when ordered to suck on Bigdog’s cum-sloppy shaft!