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Council-estate tearaways get all fucked up

4.2/5 (Total votes: 8)


Damien Esco, Romeo James

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 24 minutes, 11 seconds
Comments: 25


If you’ve never been to Manchester, and are perhaps thinking of making a visit at some point, then make sure to make a point of calling on these two fit scallies, who (if this series of flicks is anything to go by) stand as a prime example of what all horny young guys in the city get up to given half the chance. Dressed in their normal, everyday attire of sport-kit, trainers and baggy tee-shirts – which they very quickly toss to one side, it must be pointed out! – Damien Esco and Romeo James are the very picture of what one expects from chav-obsessed director, Zack Hadley. What’s more, it’s not long before any nominal sense of “straightness” from these two council-estate tearaways is cast away, as they rim, finger and then finally fuck each other to ecstasy. We’re not exactly sure what they mates on the corner of the street would say if they saw what they’re prepared to get up to for a few hundred quid, but there’s no doubt in our minds what you’re gonna think of this sweaty and utterly sordid little encounter.

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