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Group sex in the barracks

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James Byron, Julien Breeze, Lerry Ginter, Dominik Trojan

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 25 minutes, 4 seconds
Comments: 25


Binding Stunning blonde Julien in the showers, Dominik asserts his authority over his prisoner, sharing a cigarette before asking a kiss onto his delicious lips. Asking Julien to empty his bladder through his army shorts, letting it splatter over his boots as Dominik gets turned on, teasing us with his piss. Meanwhile, gorgeous James Byron shaves his pale comrade’s head, getting turned on by the action. Eager to please his man, Larry plays with James’ precum before he laps it up himself, then asks him onto the bunk and slaps his ass until its red and his cock throbs with every slap. Sliding his dick into the tanned soldier, Larry grinds into him, giving a real fucking to that smooth ass. Julien and Dominik come back from the showers and catch them mid fuck, both loving what they see!! James’s ass soon gets covered In spunk, dripping in fresh juice as it’s pushed back in as Dominik wants a turn to push his long cock deep into the slippery hole whilst Julien fucks the cock hungry young stud in the face.

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