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A nicely toned body

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Richard Said

Added: 07/February/2012
Duration: 16 minutes, 46 seconds
Comments: 25


The driver now wants more and decides he wants to fuck Blondie. He removes all of his clothes revealing a nicely toned body. With Blondie still sucking deep on the other guy’s cock, the driver lowers Blondie’s trousers to expose his nicely tanned, very firm arse and without wasting any time – pushes his cock deep in. Blondie soon gets used to the fucking and tells him to push harder – some really hot fucking action. Blondie then sits on the other guy’s thick cock, allowing it to slowly enter all the way, Blondie riding up and down on it – his slim athletic body starting to glisten with sweat. The driver takes this opportunity to get Blondie’s cock into his mouth, the cock pushing deeper in as Blondie moves faster up and down on the other young guy’s cock.

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I do not want to be a Michael Burling basher because there is enough toxicity on the internet in its infinite variety anyway. But I have seen Mr. Burling's work elsewhere and I have found it totally wanting. I agree with DutchDude that porn should be exciting, thrilling and well-filmed. Burling's sets are often drab and his models seem un-inspired and he has a knack for not getting close-ups of the sexual action even if the models' interest and intensity in sucking and fucking suddenly heat -up. Let me make a case in point. I purchased a few of Burling's works under another label which features big-dicked twinks and one in particular who is one of my all-time favorites--Luke Desmond. I was excited by the dvd covers featuring big-dicked lads ready for hot action. When I watched the dvd's I almost fell asleep as the action never really heated up, the models had sex by the numbers and I hardly ever noticed any close-ups of dicks penetrating tight asses. Does this sound familiar??? Luke Desmond who I've followed under other directors like Simon Booth and Blake Mason always gives a fantastic performance. But not so much under Burling as his performances somehow seemed a bit restrained. If I were Michael I'd study the work of the classic directors like Cadinot, Kristen Bjorn, John Rutherford at Falcon, Chi Chi LaRue and Staxus's own great legend Vlado Iresch. Mr. Burling you do not have to change your style because diversity is welcome but just make better videos and remember a few simple facts--viewers watch xxx porn to see close-ups of the action, that sex should be exciting and the viewer should be left wanting more of it. I do realize that not every scene is going to be a virtuoso but as a subscriber I do have the right to expect a well-lit, well-filmed and somewhat energetic gay xxx scene. With all due respect!!!

ringwraith44, 06/August/2013

Cameron Jackson is probably one of the most beautiful models on Staxus. Any chance we can see some new scenes with that Blond God ?

noelweets, 21/November/2013

I cannot watch this. Whomever is getting fucked is attractive. Whomever it is that is doing the fucking is just grotesque. SUCKS! Your favorite guy, JohnRHughes

JohnRHughes, 05/March/2014

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