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Awash with boy juice

3.9/5 (Total votes: 7)
Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 22 minutes, 54 seconds
Comments: 25


With arguably two of the biggest cocks on the circuit, this magnificent warehouse pairing of Alex Granger and Lex Olsen is always destined to be a definite highlight for dick-lovers everywhere – particularly those who like their guys a little buffer than the average Prague-based twink. Granger, in particular, is every little bit the perfect manly specimen, with his trademark shoulder tattoo and a muscular frame that surely stands as testimony to time well-spent at the local gym. He also has a distinctly greedy butt-hole, which Olsen is undoubtedly only too willing and eager to take advantage of. First, however, it’s Olsen’s turn to ride dick, as Granger lubes his pal’s pucker with spit and asks that meaty pole of his deep inside. Only after Olsen has taken every inch that Granger has to offer do the two guys swop roles, with Granger seating himself down on his partner’s weapon for the sort of rutting usually reserved for mating season only! No question about it, Granger’s not gonna be happy until his boy-cunt is awash with Olsen’s sperm – a wish that Olsen himself is only too willing to grant, before he in turn takes a mouthful of jizz as a sign of manly appreciation!