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Threesome in frantic gym spunk-fest

4.0/5 (Total votes: 2)


Clode Volf, Damian Bross

Added: 06/February/2012
Duration: 12 minutes, 7 seconds
Comments: 25


Fresh from his wank, Volf leads the antics of Ruslan Brodovisch and Damian Bross – two fine young Czech guys who return from training in search of more exercise. Which for Brodovisch comes courtesy of Volk’s hungry ass. First Volk takes it from behind, whilst Bross rubs cock against Brodovisch like a tomcat on Viagra; then he rides Bross’ dick cowboy-style. And there’s only one way that a scene this hot is gonna end! First Bross spunks over Brodovisch’s chest; then Volf produces quite an unbelievable spray over his pal’s taut, rippled belly. But arguably it’s Brodovisch himself who steals the show – pumping the contents of his nads right across his body, before rubbing the spunk into his skin.