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A horny office fuck

4.5/5 (Total votes: 21)


Ray Weil, Sam Brooks, Cam Vickers, Eric Harper

Added: 20/January/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 55 seconds
Comments: 25


By this point, of course, we’ve pretty much ascertained beyond question that this is a town like no other – a place where every guy, from student to policeman to mechanic, is obsessed with cock! But director, Vlado Iresch, still has one more point to make, as he takes us to Ray Weil’s office for a stunning foursome that’ll have you squeezing out the last remaining drops of cum you have in you.

Pride of place here goes to young Sam Brooks, a dark-haired beauty who deep-throats Weil’s horse-sized cock without the slightest hint of a gag-reflex; before mounting the monster and giving it (surely!) the ride of its life. Meanwhile, Cam Vickers pumps away at Eric Harper’s ass; until the two bottoms swop their mounts for a second round of guttural, sweaty pleasure.

By the time that Weil has summoned his underlings to spray their thick, creamy wads over his own face, chances are you’ll be spent and satisfied. If not, then maybe bareback gay porn isn’t your sort of thing after all …