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Hot, horny soldier HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 8)


Nick Kelson, Angel Dee

Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 15 minutes, 18 seconds
Comments: 25


Okay, this scene involves a bottle-blond twink, namely Nick Kelson, a horny sod in uniform by the name of Angel Dee, and a whole bundle of sexual energy that’s pretty much impossible to ignore. In short, it’s just the kind of unmitigated filth that we know you’re just gonna love and which will seriously threaten to wear away the rewind button on your remote. It’s difficult to overlook the gusto with which Dee enters the fray, describing Kelson’s inviting arse-hole as “amazing” and whipping out his fat, uncut cock in appreciation. Fact is, the young soldier just can’t wait to get balls-deep into the inviting hole, and it’s little surprise that Kelson is soon skewered onto Dee’s knob and writhing around in a cacophony of pleasure. No doubt about it, this is a pounding that the bottom won’t forget in a hurry, as he’s taken from every angle by the officer’s raw dick and left quite literally gasping for breath. It’s horny, near-desperate stuff and it’s no great wonder that Kelson is soon rupturing big-style! Nevertheless, it’s the sight of Dee firing his unsheathed weapon all over the twink’s pretty face that ultimately serves as the magnificent showpiece ending.

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