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Sticky, sweaty escapade HD

3.8/5 (Total votes: 12)
Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 34 seconds
Comments: 25


Sometimes a guy just finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time – and in this instance it’s poor Luis Yuk who unexpectedly stumbles upon trouble when he arrives uninvited at the gang’s secret meeting place. Needless to say, the five clan members are not at all amused at the interruption and immediately begin to show their annoyance by subjecting the official to a wanton show of abuse; asking the lad into a plastic mask and then proceeding to piss all over his face. It’s certainly not the kind of reception he was probably anticipating, that’s for sure; and whilst Nicolaz Cruz and Julien Adagio get to know each other better on the back of a forklift truck, Toby Cress, William Holder and Aron Kervin continue to abuse Yuk by face-fucking the fellow and finally spewing the contents of their balls all over the poor fellow! It’s more than enough to get you horny bastards reaching for the Kleenex; but with Adagio now thrusting his red raw poker into Cruz’s hungry pucker you might find that you need to hold off for a few moments more. Not that it takes long for both lads to dump generous loads over each other, marking a fabulous end to this sticky, sweaty escapade!

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My god! this is an absolute MASTERPIECE! This video has depth, atmosphere und is so much more than I have seen! I tell you truly, this is on the order of "Fight Club" and Quentin Tarantino films. This piece is leaving me speechless. It is so much more than a "porn film"! What happened to Staxus? I had to dig to find this GEM. MEINE GOTT, this is something very special! Johan P Vitus und John (AKA hrj1988) Magnifique! This alone is worth my entire subscription. Congratulate yourselves! Vielen Dank!

hrj1988, 21/July/2013

Wonderful !!! Gorgeous homosexual Boys so naturally vicious and deliciously lustful in the World...

PaoloMonaco, 10/December/2017

but I was joking.

PaoloMonaco, 14/December/2017

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