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College orgy HD

4.3/5 (Total votes: 10)


Mike Cage, Nick Gill, Chad Rusler, Russel Mellon

Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 25 minutes, 23 seconds
Comments: 25


We’re not exactly sure if Biology lessons are really like this in the Czech Republic, but if they are then we reckon there’s gonna be a huge demand inthe gay community for the Russel Mellon school of anatomy. After all, this is one teacher who believes wholeheartedly in hands-on (not to mention mouths-on!) study, and who encourages his students to study the male anatomy at very close quarters. Suffice it to say that Mike Cage, Nick Gill and Chad Rusler show little reluctance in engaging in his style of tuition, stripping off at the very first opportunity and promptly engaging in a hardcore, condom-free suck and fuck session that’ll no doubt get all the boys involved a much-warranted A Grade! Arguably the highlight is a centipede-style fuckathon between three of the lads; but the use of a thick, black dildo and a double-headed sex toy add an additional spark to proceedings. Of course, given the amount of testosterone on show here it’s really no wonder that this is one lesson that ends with a veritable cascade of spunk, some very sticky faces and four pairs of very empty balls! Suffice it to say by the time it’s a wrap there isn’t a dry eye left in the school!

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Some of your videos are not streaming correctly..for example "College-Orgy" stops and it very slow when viewing..also you may want to give WMP (Windows Media Player) as an option for downloading. Thanks

Rolo22, 08/August/2012

Dear Rolo, Streaming works fine on my end on this movie. Perhaps you can try the medium streaming option, maybe the internet connection was a bit slower or too busy to stream. We will try to have the WMV format soon! - Andy, 08/August/2012

This video does not stream correctly when it is in wide screen and also when it's a suggestion you should offer WMD (windows media player) as an option..most of your videos are this is very frustrating

rolo22, 16/September/2012

Yes, I agree with the others. The streaming is terrible with this and all other videos. They look to be good videos, but you cant watch them because of the poor streaming. I will be renewing my membership since this is such poor streaming.

txlbbguy, 20/November/2015

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