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A horny, over-sexed youngster HD

3.3/5 (Total votes: 7)
Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 5 minutes, 39 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s not very often that director, Vlado Iresch, chooses to concentrate on one model in an entire scene, but on this occasion he decides to make a clear exception – and it’s not difficult to see why! Young Francisco Ruck is already quite a hit, thanks to appearances in titles such as OFFSIDE and RAW RUNNERS, and with his cute face and toned physique he’s a natural star in front of the camera. No question about it, you’re gonna love every single second that you get to spend in this young fellow’s company, as he takes time to drag on a cigarette before reaching into his zipper and pulling out that oversized knob-end that he keeps stashed in his jeans! Seconds on and Ruck is working the entire length of his shaft with his tightly-clenched fist – something that we just know you’re gonna appreciate big time! It’s a short scene, admittedly, but then what else would you expect from a horny, over-sexed youngster; but it’s more than enough to get the juices rising in all the right quarters, and chances are you’ll have busted a nut even before Ruck has busted his. If you like simple, uncomplicated action with a dream boy then this scene is all yours!

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