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Cock-obsessed stud muffins HD

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Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 26 minutes, 50 seconds
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Having a drink with the boys is one thing; but, as Ali Montero discovers, having a drink with this particular gang of cock-obsessed stud muffins is quite another. Fact is that the beer comes a very poor second in the affections of these lads, whose idea of a good drinking game appears to involve pouring the contents of the cans all over their cocks and asking Montero to suck it all off! What’s more, Montero doesn’t appear to show any degree of objection, throwing himself manfully into the task as monster cock after monster cock gets thrust into his direction. No doubt about it, the likes of Damian Dickey and Luis Bigdog are in their seventh heaven; and it’s a predicament made all the more intense when Montero bows to the inevitable and lies down on a desk to allow every guy in the room to fuck the living daylights out of him! This boy is skewered and spit-roasted more times in ten minutes than most of us get to enjoy in a whole lifetime, and the perversion is only made all the more intense when the gang of fuckers proceed to spray their loads all over Montero’s cute little face. Dickey’s climax is particularly noteworthy; and it’s little wonder that the horny bottom should be looking like the cat who got all the cream (literally!) at the final cut!

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Wow. This is why I joined Staxus. Ali is one beautiful handsome twink who certainly enjoys being gang banged. . His smile says it all. Hot. Hot. Hot.

Patrick Henry, 11/September/2014

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