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Over-hungry crack HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 13)
Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 13 minutes, 58 seconds
Comments: 25


There’s no disputing the size of Mike Cage’s dick – it’s been doing the rounds on and off throughout, and by the time his final fantasy here with John Parker and Marty Love is enacted it’s looking even bigger than ever. Mind, the fact that Parker promptly begins to fist-fuck him only serves to engorge matters; though it’s pretty clear straight off that only raw cock will satisfy the youngster, and he’s probably somewhat relieved that Parker can’t wait to thrust his own aching pole deep into that over-hungry crack. All that said, you can’t help but get the impression that it’s Love that this boy wants. No, not the sentimental, wishy-washy love that’s inspired so many Clinton cards. Rather Marty Love, a hyper-toned hunk with just exactly the right amount of chest hair to make you go all weak at the knees. He certainly seems to press all the right buttons where Cage is concerned, and it’s hard not to regard the sight of the young bottom being royally spit-roasted by Love up the ass and Parker down the throat as a noteworthy highlight. As is that of Love creaming Cage’s pucker and then Love fisting the lad to ecstasy in return. In short, a terrific threesome that’ll have you jerking off time and again – and wearing out the rewind button in the process!

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HOT !!!!!

MIKYPAT, 23/October/2012

Divine! The sheer Power of the Male. Simply to worship as a sacred Worship, as the full, powerful Manifestation of God. Superb !!!

PaoloRome, 22/February/2015

i joke

PaoloRome, 22/February/2015

Very sweet, very masculine and truly holy, spiritual, the copious Cumshot of Mikee. This Youth increasingly gay is wonderful.

Paolo Rome, 18/July/2015

The Moans of Mike are Music of God !

Paolo (Rome), 18/July/2015

The third guy is John Parker

fuckworthy, 13/September/2015

but, God is better Substance.

Paolo, 07/August/2017

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