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A human urinal HD

4.4/5 (Total votes: 5)


Nicholas Kimmy, Nick Deniels

Added: 01/May/2012
Duration: 13 minutes, 25 seconds
Comments: 25


Poor Nick Deniels! There he is, enjoying a relaxing smoke in the men’s restroom, when all of a sudden he finds himself at the mercy of hunky blond, Nicholas Kimmy, who asks the lad under a shower and then quite literally uses him as a human urinal! So begins a horny abuse session that will appeal to anyone who gets off on the thought of a young twink being thoroughly abused and humiliated in the name of entertainment. To his credit, Deniels takes everything in his stride – even the somewhat brutal finger-fucking that Kimmy unleashes on the boy’s pert little rump – and it’s that overall impression of a young victim slowly gaining confidence against the brutal onslaught of a slightly older and wiser alpha-male that gives the scene an added edge. This is a guy whose unexpected exposure to sexual aggression serves as a catalyst to spark his inner whore; and by the time he’s riding up and down on Kimmy’s love-pole he’s like a veritable pro. Even to the point that having lapped up his opponent’s generous wad, he manages a cum-and-piss fiesta all of his own in return!

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