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Mad, bad and dangerous HD

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Marty Love, Mathew Ross

Added: 03/April/2012
Duration: 15 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


In a world of smooth, hairless chests you’ve just got to love a man with a bit of fuzz between his nips – in this case the very manly persona of Marty Love, who serves as the abusive (but extremely sexy) lead in this sultry coupling with young Mathew Ross. Indeed, if you like your men to have a little bit of a corrupting edge then Love is most definitely your man. He’s clearly mad, bad and dangerous to know, as he wields his gun in Ross’ direction, threatening to blast the youngster off the planet if he doesn’t get his way – which in this instance means having his thick, meaty cock thoroughly satisfied! Thick-lipped Ross can’t help but respond positively, giving the fellow’s rod a feisty slurp before parting his legs and allowing the cropped-haired brute to stretch his undeniably eager butt. No question about it, what follows is a somewhat breathless escapade between two of the cutest pups around, eventually resulting in an ass-load of jizz for Ross and (in return) a mouth-load of hot, creamy spunk for Love. The concluding smooch really is as hot as you imagine!