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Horny team-buddy HD

4.6/5 (Total votes: 52)
Duration: 28 minutes, 56 seconds
Comments: 25


Blond stunner, Mike Cage, thinks he’s scheduled to enjoy just the one cock when he hooks up with horny team-buddy, Francisco Ruck – but is he in for one hell of a fuckin’ surprise! To be fair he’s already well up for a hard fuck even before the gorgeous Jack Cameron enters the locker-room, but the sudden prospect of being the centrepiece of a hardcore threesome clearly thrusts the lad to a whole new level. And let’s be fair now, why shouldn’t it? Cameron and Ruck are two stunning individuals, and the thought of allowing them each to take turns to bang away at your ass is one that would float the boat for most guys! But whilst the scenario is destined always to be a fantasy for the rest of us, Cage get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get fucked raw by both lads – and just to make it even hotter he even gets the chance to ride them at the same time like a cowboy! Believe us, this encounter is so hot it almost hurts – indeed given the size of the cocks in question it almost certainly did for Cage! – but the fact that Cameron and Ruck conclude proceedings by dumping spunk and piss all over the filthy bottom’s face makes this a truly unforgettable romp!

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