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Cheeky little vandal HD

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Added: 05/April/2012
Duration: 24 minutes, 52 seconds
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Young Lloyd Adams is a cheeky little vandal – the kind that takes pleasure from rioting and looting no doubt – but PC Evan Zero knows exactly how to cure his errant ways. Catching him red-handed in the act of wanton vandalism, the officer ties the youngster to a chair and asks his thick, meaty cock down his throat! It’s exactly the kind of punishment most of us feel these kind of mindless tearaways deserve – but believe us, it doesn’t stop there!

Having conditioned the wastrel to the feel of hard dick in his mouth, Zero reaches for Adams’ crotch and pulls out the lad’s own knob – which (much to the young man’s horror, no doubt) is solid as a rock and raring for a good old-fashioned suck. Which, of course, is exactly what Zero gives it! Mind, if the felon thinks that the punishment will end there then he’s got another think coming, as Zero then proceeds to use a lighted candle to pour hot wax all over Adams’ chest and belly; before asking the youngster’s legs apart to fuck that tight little button and then eventually dumping a generous load of pent-up jizz all over his face. In short, total twink humiliation – but judging from the amount of spunk he shoots out of his young cock in the process, Adams loves every single minute!!

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