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Eager little hole HD

4.2/5 (Total votes: 6)
Added: 05/April/2012
Duration: 25 minutes, 41 seconds
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Do the police sometimes use the sledge-hammer of the law to crack the odd misbehaving nut? It’s a question that has long since concentrated the minds of judges in countries the world over; though in this particular instance there’s no need for any arbitrary referee in plush robes and a white wig to settle the differences between the police and those they govern.

No, officer Keiron Jones is more than capable of asserting the strong arm of the law, as he grapples McKenzie Cross to the ground – for as little an offence as loitering – and asks the young lad to take his big, throbbing cock in his mouth. It’s the kind of harassment that ought to be outlawed by international convention, but chances are it’s the sort of action that you horny twink-bashers are just gonna love! Poor handcuffed Cross just doesn’t stand a chance, as PC Jones used his wooden truncheon to open up that eager little hole of his, before asking his equally hard shaft right into the young lad’s guts. Little wonder that Cross is quite literally squealing in light of such unwelcome attention; but if you think he’s not enjoying it, think again!

The way he dumps his load simply underlines what a dirty slut he is; before Jones empties his balls on him and casually walks away!