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Young scallywags HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 11)
Added: 05/April/2012
Duration: 23 minutes, 21 seconds
Comments: 25


Be warned! There’s no escape from the law for young scallywags – as Jonny Ryder discovers to his cost when cornered by a couple of coppers (namely Kyle Martin and Keiron Jones) in an underground car-park. What’s more, these two officers aren’t the slightest bit interested in hearing about broken homes and disadvantaged childhoods – the usual excuses for delinquency. No, all they want is to hear is the sound of this youngster’s ass giving way to their over-eager cocks, which is the reason the poor fellow is immediately bundled to the ground and brutally fucked from behind.

It’s not the traditional format for a porn scene, that’s for sure, but it certainly makes the fucking point – these two officers mean business and they won’t be leaving the scene of the crime until their balls have been well and truly unburdened of spunk! Needless to say it’s not long before Ryder is being asked to take both hard dicks down his throat; before the officers return to their original line of enquiry by pushing the young lad over a bench and ramming their knobs right up his ass.

Could things get any worse for this boy? Well of course they can, as the officers conclude their investigations by pissing all over him and then creaming all over his young face!