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Sleeping beauty HD

4.7/5 (Total votes: 20)
Added: 06/April/2012
Duration: 24 minutes, 32 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s really no fucking wonder that Chris Young is feeling as randy as hell. After all, if you had a boyfriend as cute and fresh-faced as Roy Lust then you’d almost certainly be gagging for the next hard fuck yourself. Unfortunately for the lad, however, his puppy-eyed lover is fast asleep in bed – and doesn’t look in any hurry to get up. Until, that is, Young proceeds to whip out his cock for a wank. Seems like Lust isn’t quite as unconscious as he’d have everyone believe, and before you can say “I’m a cock whore!” is slurping on Young’s meaty ramrod like a true professional. It’s a turn of events that will almost certainly appeal to all of you out there who love the prospect of watching two horny pups rutting like wild animals – and believe us, you’re not gonna be disappointed. Lust, in particular, is a veritable gift before the camera, stretching his legs to encompass Young’s thick raw shaft to an almost breathtaking angle. Can the human anatomy really achieve such contortions? Apparently so, as Lust gets royally banged by his compatriot, before both lads spew the contents of their heavy balls over each other, rubbing their uncut knobs together in the resultant goo.