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Cute delivery boy HD

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Finley Yves, Keiron Jones, Lloyd Adams

Added: 13/April/2012
Duration: 22 minutes, 59 seconds
Comments: 25


It’s not exactly the way most people greet a delivery guy, but on this occasion it seems just right – with one mechanic promptly engaging in a lengthy session of French kissing and another dropping down to his knees, pulling the courier’s trousers down to his ankles and immediately opening his mouth to slurp on the very handsome shaft that he finds stuffed inside. Indeed, given the bountiful nature of the meat on offer it’s not at all surprising that the other grease monkey should soon be replicating his mate, feasting off the thick, uncut ramrod for all that he’s worth. Mind, the delivery boy clearly isn’t adverse to a bit of hard dick, as he returns the favour to both lads before positioning himself as the centrepiece to their filthy-minded urges. As such it’s no time at all before he’s being royally spit-roasted like a common whore, his oversized knob bouncing up and down every time that he’s banged from behind. A subsequent session of cowboy-style cock-riding not surprisingly results in him spilling the entire contents of his balls; whilst the mechanics follow suit with two very generous eruptions of their own. Next day delivery has rarely looked so horny!