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Fit horny mechanic HD

3.9/5 (Total votes: 7)


Brandon Boss, Skylar Blu

Added: 13/April/2012
Duration: 22 minutes, 9 seconds
Comments: 25


He should be busy doing work, but Skylar Blu, a bottle-blond office boy, appears to have little in the way of a decent work-ethic – other than wanting to spend his time chatting on the phone and generally avoiding work altogether! But if there’s anything that a hard-grafting mechanic hates more than the arrival of Monday morning it’s a work-shy time-waster, so it’s little surprise that the interjection of Brandon Boss changes the atmosphere completely. Boss wants to know what the little punk is doing, and immediately puts the smooth little twink to some real good use – asking his oversized knob into Blu’s mouth and face-fucking him like the worthless shit he clearly is. That said, whilst the youngster clearly doesn’t have a great deal of get-up-and-go in him where work’s concerned, he does display a remarkable gusto where cock action’s involved; and before long is sat on Boss’ lap with a heavenly length of dick buried deep in his arse! Finally, having then been fucked hard over the desk, Blu pumps an appreciative spray of jizz; before the beefy top works out a fine deposit of his own all over the twink’s freshly-emptied balls. In short, no-holds-barred filth!