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Multi-squirt money-shot HD

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Andy Wood, Finley Yves

Added: 23/April/2012
Duration: 22 minutes, 10 seconds
Comments: 25


He barely looks old enough to be out of short trousers, but Finley Yves’s slim, lithe frame disguises a rich wealth of daddy-lovin’ experience, as he makes a play for Andy Wood, almost three-and-a-half decades his senior. To anyone who’s not into older guys, of course, nothing that follows will make the slightest sense; but Yves is a youngster who loves a touch of grey, and it’s really no time at all before he’s tempted the middle-aged cock fiend from the confines of his shirt and trousers and is giving the guy’s aged knob the kiss of life.

And let’s face it, Wood’s shaft (as old as it is) is in need of resuscitation! No such issues for Yves though, as his dick stands to attention in no time at all and is very quickly pumping away at the older fellow’s ass for all that it’s worth. The result is a very sticky, sweaty impasse that sees both fellows rut like animals and eventually bust their nuts over themselves. Totally perverse, but as hot as hell!