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Playing with their dicks

3.8/5 (Total votes: 5)


Jonny Ryder, Marco Strutt, Kyle Martin

Added: 24/April/2012
Duration: 20 minutes, 44 seconds
Comments: 25


Rest assured, when you get two Chavs together you can guarantee that there’s gonna be trouble – which in this instance is rather bad news for Jonny Ryder, an unfortunate Skaterboy who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fact is, Marco Strutt and Kyle Martin prefer such boys to be playing with their dicks rather than their boards; and, bundling the youngster off the street, they take Ryder off to an unused warehouse for a hard-hitting session of private entertainment (i.e. tying the fellow’s arms behind his back, asking him down onto his knees, thrusting their big cocks into his face and demanding that he suck them off)! In fairness, Ryder’s response is truly admirable – slurping on their knob-ends with youthful exuberance, before bending over onto all fours so that his two assailants can duly spit-roast him! The sight of these two gorgeous tearaways in action is gonna blow the minds (and cocks!) of all you Chav lovers out there; as is seeing them splatter their boy-juice all over Ryder’s pale body!

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