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Massage, sex and big cocks

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Marco Bill, Cole Macey, Julien Rush

Added: 03/May/2012
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We know from previous productions what sort of equipment young cutie, Julian Rush, has packed in his briefs, but on this occasion it’s very much time for him to be on the receiving end of some equally over-sized shafts – provided here first by Marco Bill, for whom a massage provides a simple excuse to get his hands (not to mention his mouth) on Rush’s hard shaft, and later by Cole Macey, who steps into the scene to quite literally fuck the living daylights out of Rush with his handsome, uncut ram-rod.

The resultant threesome is definitely something to behold – the sight of Macey pounding Rush’s arse with Rush’s own mammoth shaft hanging down from beneath the table, is one of the highlights of the whole production. As is the sight of Rush being spit-roasted. But it’s the sight of Bill spewing his load over Rush’s ass-hole that gives most satisfaction!