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Horny day of reckoning HD

4.1/5 (Total votes: 16)
Added: 01/May/2012
Duration: 10 minutes, 29 seconds
Comments: 25


Needless, nerveless killing is now the order of the day, as Nicolas Cruz makes his move on the daddy of all cocks, Caleb Moreton. Tied to a chair, with a gag over his mouth, Moreton has to endure Hannibal’s lustful advances – Cruz sucking on that thick, humongous dick between Moreton’s thighs with the sort of gusto that one would expect from a man clearly obsessed with size. That said, Cruz isn’t really content until he’s climbed on Moreton’s lap and is taking every single inch that the fellow has to offer inside his ferociously hungry hole! Considering the package in question it’s not at all surprising that Cruz is soon groaning in a rich mix of agony and pleasure. Nor is it any wonder that the fellow is quickly unburdening his balls of all their sticky brew. But Hannibal isn’t truly content until Moreton has shot a creamy wad of his own; before slicing off the offending member to add to his collection. It’s a magnificent ending to a truly unforgettable story – but remember, this is only the beginning ...

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